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M & Z in a Pod

Max is joined each week by his best friend Zach to discuss television, life, love, the universe, and everything in-between.

M & Z In a Pod: Episode Eighteen – The Youngest Pope

After a month long hiatus, Max¬†and Zach are BACK in the Pod! This week, after catching up with one another, the guys discuss The Grammys and The Oscars, talking about who’s nominated and who should have won. Then, after Max talks briefly about “The Young Pope,” Zach pitches an original show: “The Youngest Pope” and […]


M & Z In a Pod: Episode Sixteen – The Lovecast

In perhaps the strangest episode of M&Z In a Pod ever, Max and Zach, in light of recent events, talk love. Beginning with a rundown of the best romantic comedies ever, the guys then get into personal stories of love, loss, romance, tragedy, heartbreak, and passion. Finally, at the end of the podcast, they discuss […]