Sultan of Television: The Three Year Anniversary Post

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Sultan of Television: The Three Year Anniversary Post

Loyal fans, devoted followers, and everyone else who aren’t my immediate friends or family and happen to be reading this post…


It’s been three years of Sultan of Television (as of July 15… I realize this post is late)! Can you believe it? Me neither. It seems like just yesterday that Matt and I were starting a blog to rant about whatever we were watching in the summer of 2014 (probably Survivor), back when we were in High School and thought this would be a profitable venture. Since then, it’s been an interesting road. I’m still trying to build a solid audience, find a solid niche, and become better at podcasting, writing, and social media, but in the three years since I’ve begun, all three have, at least marginally, gotten better.

Before we get to the soppy part, I want to make a few announcements! First and foremost, welcome to this beautiful new website! I’ll be podcasting here multiple times a week, hopefully blogging more often now that it’s up and running, and most of all, trying to make it functional and fun to use! I cannot wait to use this new platform to push out all the content I’ve been talking about and writing about recently, and hopefully get to the point where we have more of a community interaction.


Okay, now the soppy part.

As I come upon my sophomore year of college and junior year of being the Sultan of Television, I wanted to reflect for a moment on all of the fun that this podcast, blog, and overall domain has brought me by thanking a few of the people instrumental in keeping me going for the last three years sans profit, fan base, or fame.


First of all… my Parents! In addition, to being my cohost on the Westworld Podcast, my Dad is the one who introduced me to television and gave me my passion for it. When I talked to him about this blog back in 2014, he supported me fully and continuously gave me ideas of what to blog about, how to promote it, and what to do with it. Without him, there would be no Sultan of Television, as I wouldn’t really care about television. Oh – and he paid for the domain name when I first purchased it! My Mom, despite her slower intake of television, has always been so supportive of my creative endeavors and is nothing but impressed with what I do, despite the exceedingly unimpressive results. She’s the best.

Second of all… Zach Woodcock! My lifelong friend ¬†and podcast co-host / co-founder. It was he who pitched doing a podcast to me in the first place, and has stuck with me since to record M&Z In a Pod, as well as the TimCast more recently. I’ve pushed Zach into watching more TV than he probably ever planned to do, and he’s been so awesome about recording around a crowded schedule, and making the podcast a priority. Most of all though, Zach’s been my friend since I was literally 0, and has continued to be the best since then. He’s probably one of the main reasons I like what I like today.

Third of all… Matthew West! As well as being a co-founder of the initial Blogspot version of Sultan of Television, Matt’s been my sounding board for all things TV, as well as an amazing friend. Whether it’s calling him about my life, my frustration over Survivor, or anything else, he’s always been willing to read my stuff, listen to my podcasts, and give me honest feedback on it all. He also published a few posts on this very website back in 2014, and although I’m sure he doesn’t view them as well today, they’re a great time capsule, and a testament to his creativity even back then.

Fourth of all… Nathan Leung! He designed my website(s) time and time again, as has always been awesome about working with me to create the vision I have in my head of what I want Sultan of Television to look like.

Fifth of all… Mia Krumerman! My girlfriend who literally became interested because of this website and podcast. As ridiculous as it is that a certain podcast¬†brought us together, I couldn’t be more happy that it did. Whenever I start to get in my head about the lack of listeners or followers, I go back to the fact that I have the most amazing girlfriend as a result of Sultan of Television, and for that reason alone, there’s reason to continue working hard. Also, if I’m ever going to get her on a podcast, it needs to stay afloat!

Last but not least… Rob Cesternino! I’m almost certain he won’t be reading this, but as a source of inspiration, there’s no one better than Rob and everything he’s doing on his podcast. As a fan of his since 2014, Rob has inspired me to podcast, work hard on a self-started business, and continue to follow my passions. He’s the best in the business.


That’s about all for today, I suppose. Thank you so much for reading, for listening, or for paying attention in general to what I’ve been doing over here for the last three years.

If you want to help support me, please leave a comment, subscribe on Itunes, leave me a star rating, or if nothing else, just read/listen to the content! It means so much and helps others find me!


Thanks again everybody!!

– Max Benowitz

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